The Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE develops innovative technologies for the detection and prevention of threats. We acquire, transmit, process and protect data and make it available in a comprehensible form to support decision-making. The systems are used by the Bundeswehr (German federal armed forces), civilian security services and industry.

Seamless security assistance systems

Defense against terrorist threats largely depends on intelligent situational awareness systems. Fraunhofer FKIE's advanced tracking and fusion methodologies exploit data from networks of multiple heterogeneous sensors. Our unmanned systems group develops (multi-)robot systems which provide data in missions too dangerous for human forces.

Smart decision support systems

Smart decision support systems provide the necessary methods to access relevant information more rapidly. We develop tools for the fusion of information acquired from the field-data and ensure consistent distribution within information systems. Furthermore, we design human-machine interfaces that enable the human user to work with the system intuitively and effectively.

Robust and secure communication systems

Modern security missions rely on trusted communication networks. We develop robust networks and solutions for harsh environments, and localize and classify communication emitters. The security of critical network infrastructures is central to our Cyber Defense Lab.