World-Class Centre for Excellence on Smart Cities and Ubiquitous Technologies

Consortium with various Research Objectives

Similarly to a Network of Excellence at the European level, the members of UBICITEC e.V. are invited to join the community to develop new ideas on Smart Cities on a global scale.

Research Objectives

Research Objectives of UBICITEC e.V. are to drive and produce the most advanced basic research and applied solutions in the areas of Ubiquitous Technologies, Internet of Things, Cooperating Objects and Cyber-Physical Systems. This involves the design and development of enabling technologies to build the first “Operating System” for Smart Cities and consolidate existing solutions and new developments into inoperable technologies.

The implementation of pilots in real environments to test new technologies with a special focus on Smart Cities is a priority that dearly marks the applied nature of the research performed at UBICITEC e.V.

Finally in order to create a sustainable community with a special focus on Smart Cities UBICITEC e.V. has as a main dissemination objective the publication of seminal work and reference books with internationally renowned publishers and journals.

Benefits for the Members (Excerpt)

  • Participation in the definition of a Strategic Research Agenda in the area of Ubiquitous Technologies, Internet of Things, Cooperating Objects, Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Cities
  • Participation in the definition and use of a common software platform for Smart City developments
  • Participation in the definition of the concept of Smart City and its implementation strategy, including the creation of new business opportunities
  • Benefit from participating in a network of world-class experts and institutions with proven track record for international collaboration
  • Support for the incubation, planning and execution of R+D projects especially at the European level, including bundling of dissemination activities