The European Center for Ubiquitous Technologies and Smart Cities

Our Technologies put the Smart in the cities

UBICITEC e.V. is an international virtual research center initiated by Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón (University Duisburg-Essen). UBICITEC e.V. has been founded by a group of enthusiastic former members of CONET, the Cooperation Objects Network of Excellence, a FP7-project supported by the European Commission. The main goal is to establish a World-Class Center of Excellence on Smart Cities and Ubiquitous Technologies. 

Another important objective of UBICITEC e.V. is to increase the visibility of Europe at an international level in the areas of Ubiquitous Technologies, Internet of Things, Cooperating Objects and Cyber Physical Systems to attract high-potentials and world-class experts to Europe and to provide a Think Tank for the exchange of ideas and products relevant to these research areas.

Additionally UBICITEC e.V. will drive the development of a Technology platform to cooperate with the major international academic and industrial players and to enhance the transfer of knowledge and technologies through start-ups and cooperation with industry.

Our vision

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Innovation in Ubiquitous Technologies is the key enabler to enhance the quality of life for everyone