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MTN Awards Multi-Year IoT Connectivity Platform Contract to Eseye
MTN South Africa, Africa’s largest MNO announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with global IoT connectivity provider Eseye.
Eseye Sep 20, 2023
TEAL Partners With Botlink to Advance the Adoption of BVLOS Drone Technology
TEAL has partnered with Botlink to advance the adoption of BVLOS drone technology by leveraging eSIM technology to deliver reliable connectivity for global drone operations.
TEAL Sep 19, 2023
Supply Chain and Logistics
Kyocera Unimerco Selects Aras Innovator to Transform Product Lifecycle Managemen...
Kyocera Unimerco is using Aras Innovator to manage data, information, and business processes for product lifecycle management (PLM).
Aras Sep 11, 2023
Asset Tracking
Haltian’s New Solution Makes Asset Tracking Scalable and Cost-effective
Haltian Inventory Tracking Solution is a new and scalable asset tracking system set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their assets.
Haltian Sep 5, 2023
IoT Platforms
Golioth Releases New Open Source Reference Designs and Template
Golioth has released a new Golioth Reference Design Template which is publicly available to review and use for designing IoT products.
Golioth Sep 1, 2023
LoRaWAN® Live! Tokyo Event To Showcase How LoRaWAN Is Solving Challenges
LoRa Alliance announced the program for the upcoming LoRaWAN Live! Tokyo; focusing on LoRaWAN solutions for critical global challenges.
LoRa Alliance Aug 30, 2023
INEOS Oxide Trusts Globalstar & Ovinto for Delivery of Explosive
INEOS Oxide is equipping all European tank containers and rail cars with Globalstar-enabled satellite IoT tech to track explosive chemicals.
Globalstar Aug 28, 2023
Artificial Intelligence
TimeAI Summit is Uniting Tech Giants and Visionaries in Dubai
The TimeAI Summit is the World's Flagship AI conference, dedicated to showcasing the latest advancements & innovations in AI.
Teklip Aug 25, 2023
WaterMeter Corp Partners with WND Mexico and UnaBiz to Deploy 1 Million Water Me...
WaterMeter Corp, WND Mexico, and UnaBiz to introduce 1 million water measurement solutions based on Sigfox 0G technology in Mexico.
UnaBiz Aug 25, 2023
Monogoto Deploys BroadForward’s STP and DRA Solutions
Monogoto to leverage BroadForward’s STP, DRA, and soon SEPP to enable cloud-based 2G-5G roaming and connectivity.
Monogoto Aug 24, 2023
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